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Revolutionising energy customer acquisition

Kog Bill



Two thirds of energy consumers are moored to their current supplier. Research shows consumers missing out on savings because they think switching is costly in time, effort and convenience. KogBill slashes the cost required to obtain a reliable quote because it digitizes the key information exchange, meaning there is no need for a customer contact call. The consumer and supplier both save.


KogBill is the engine for a seamless route to better deals that persuades even the most risk-averse consumers to switch.

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Kogbill instantly captures customer, tariff and energy use information from an uploaded energy user bill from their current supplier.


The bill data is fed to the retailer who can choose to offer a more competitive contract to the prospect.


KogBill is a cognitive learning technology that gets smarter as it receives more bills - it has now processed in excess of 100,000 unique bills.

How it Works

Bills are received via an API and are processed instantly, the stripped data is then accessed via another API call. The JSON API allows easy and secure integration into your existing architecture.


KogBill digitally scans a PDF or bill image in zones to locate and accurately extract key data irrespective of utility supplier, bill layout, semantics, or variation in rates, tariffs, and regions.


The API is fast, secure and accurate.

The Benefits

Provides a bump to supplier conversion rates to easily push through the 8% switch rate ceiling.

Simplifies the customer interaction to a no contact experience that drastically cuts the cost of sales.

Seamless data capture and transfer creates prospect profiling for consumers who switch and those that do not — learns offer success rates


Kogbill is provided as an API that can quickly and easily be integrated into your existing website or field sales systems.
You retain ownership of the extracted data for quoting or deeper customer insight.
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