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Revolutionising energy customer acquisition

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Australia has one of the most competitive energy markets in the world yet the cost of acquisition is getting higher.  A digitised comparison and sign up using kogbill will help lower this cost of acquisition and retention, whilst providing an awesome customer experience.


KogBill is proving to be the go-to solution in the energy market for retailers and comparison services to offer their consumer base a modern and accurate way to find a better deal.
Kogbill is now spreading it's capabilities to Financial Services.

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An Overview

Consumers simply upload their latest bill to a competing retailer and get an apples-for-apples comparison in seconds, showing what they could save.


Kogbill acts as a pluggable data service, providing a digitised comparison service, making it easy and seamless for customers to transition their suppliers.


KogBill is a cognitive learning technology that gets smarter over time - it has now processed in excess of 100,000 unique bills.

How it Works

Bills are received via an API and are processed instantly, the comparison data is then accessed via another API call. The JSON API allows easy and secure integration into your existing architecture.


KogBill digitally scans a PDF to locate and accurately extract key data irrespective of utility supplier, bill layout, semantics, or variation in rates, tariffs, and regions.   The service supports all retailers for gas and electricity in Australia.


The API is fast, secure and accurate.   We have a proven track record with many happy clients. 

The Benefits

Lowers cost of acquisition/retention for the retailer or comparison service.


And provides a modern and transparent customer experience, improving NPS scores.




Kogbill is provided as an API that can quickly and easily be integrated into your existing website or field sales systems.
You retain ownership of the extracted data and comparison outputs for deeper customer insight.
We have delivered on time and on budget to some of Australia's largest businesses, an integration will typically take 2-3 months.
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