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Electricity prices are rising again which means billing errors will get bigger. 


So what can a billing error cost?


Significant billing errors typically cost around 8% of the bill total and around 10% of all bills have a significant error on them.
As such if your average bill is over $1,200, you will more than likely save with NRG Pro.
Additionally you can save using NRG Pro, with our rate comparisons, usage comparisons and budget tracking.

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With the NRG Pro app we combine powerful data analytics and real case studies to help you lower your power costs.


NRG Pro is a beautifully simple and professional utility bill management service on your phone and desktop for only $10/bill.


NRG Pro provides 3 benefits to lowering energy costs for your business.
  1. Peace of mind that your bills are validated
  2. Track & Compare cost and usage
  3. Have your rates compared to the market

How it Works

Set yourself up to receive on-line bills from your retailer – this is a straight forward 5 minute exercise.
You can set up one or many accounts. 
Each month your pdf bill is sent to us by yourself, your retailer or we access it online on your behalf.
The data on your bill is automatically scanned into our database.
Our NRG pro analytics, analyses your bill data and automatically updates the app allowing you to track costs and highlighting cost saving opportunities. 
NRG Pro will allow you to collate and share good news stories around saving energy costs.

The Benefits

  • NRG Pro will alert you to cost optimisation opportunities, with indicative savings 


  • We can also provide a professional and transparent procurement services



Learn more about how NRG Pro can save you money.

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