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About Us


About Us

At Knowledge Global we have a goal to reduce the needless wastage of resources, energy and money.

We want our customers to be more sustainable and profitable.

We bring knowledge and technology to support this goal, turning data into financial value.

Our team is a unique blend of like-minded people. We have many years of experience in carbon, energy and big data solutions.


Ross Sharman

Managing Director

Ross Sharman is the Managing Director of Knowledge Global. He drives the company towards being the best global sustainability solutions provider. His entrepreneurial spirit and product directorship directions ensures ground breaking success of the company’s solutions. In his time with the company he architected the technical solutions from concept and continues conceptualise new functionalities.

He has a wealth of experience in big data solutions gained from large data analytics projects around the world. He has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Susan Butler

Executive Director

Susan Butler is the Executive Director and founder of Knowledge Global. She recognised over a decade ago the compelling challenges ahead for companies to embrace sustainability reporting, accept scrutiny of related data, adopt transparent disclosure, and address carbon impact liabilities. Her commitment to quantification and validation of data in the sustainability and carbon reporting industry lead to the modelling, development and market release of the Knowledge Global Sustainability Management Platform, called EMMA.

Her wealth of experience in leading-edge technology solutions, extensive work internationally and nationally with large organisations, academic experience and research supports the company’s strategic direction, research and development and the goal to be the best.

John Lloyd

Energy Expert

With almost two decades of experience, John Lloyd is one of Australia's leading experts in the deregulated energy market.

During this time he has over a billion dollars of energy supply contracts and deployed strategies that have saved his clients many millions of dollars.  His goal is to improve his client’s sustainability (both economic and environmental) and the solutions he delivers reflect this strong belief.